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Conferences and Events In Vietnam

by 123HOST

– The 4th WWMYA will be hosted by Vietnam Young Academy in Da Nang city, Vietnam from 29th July to 2nd August 2019, for more details
– 10th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems in Dong Hoi city, from Mar 19-21, 2018. Details at “https://aciids.pwr.edu.pl/2018/”
– International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computing Technologies (ICBCT 2018) in Hanoi, from Feb 26-28, 2018. Details at “http://www.icbct.org”
– 8th International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Process in Nha Trang city, from Feb 23-25, 2018. Details at “http://icccp.org”
– The 10th International Conference on Computer Research and Development in Phu Quoc island, from Feb 2-4, 2018. Details at “http://www.iccrd.org/”
– International Conference on Recent Advances in  Signal Processing, Telecommunications & Computing (SigTelCom2018)in Ho Chi Minh city, from Jan 29-31, 2018. Details at “http://www.sigtelcom.net/2018”
– International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision Engineering(ICCARVE) in Hanoi, from Dec 25-26, 2017. Details at “http://iastem.org/Conference2017/Vietnam/2/ICCARVE/”
– International Symposium on Computational and Engineering in Ho Chi Minh city, from Dec 13-16, 2017. Details at “http://www.iscde.org” 
– The Eighth International Symposium on Information and Communication Technology in Nha Trang city from Dec 7-8, 2017. Details at “http://soict.org/”
– International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing and Design Engineering (CAMDE 2017)in Ho Chi Minh city, from November 8-11, 2017.Details at “http://www.camde.org/”
– International Conference on Chemical and Environmental Science (ICCES) in Hanoi, from Oct 25-26, 2017. Details at “http://iser.co/Conference2017/Vietnam/2/ICCES/ ”
– International Conference on Economics and Business Research (ICEBR-2017) in Hanoi, from Oct 25-26, 2017. Details at “http://iser.co/Conference2017/Vietnam/2/ICEBR/”
– The International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications in Quy Nhon, from Oct 18-20, 2017. Details at “http://atc-conf.org/”
– The 7th International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Design, and Verification in Hanoi, from Oct 5-6. Details at “http://icdv.uet.vnu.edu.vn/”